Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New year

Doesn't it just feel different? OK, not really but I was just thinking, so much has happened in the last year. I'd never have thought I would know some of the people I've met, or do some of the things I've done in 2008. Then I thought, "but how productive have I been spiritually? How many times did I have an opportunity to do something for the kingdom and didn't because I was ether a coward or to proud? Have I matured as much as I should have?" The answers are sobering. Now I'm siting at the keyboard kinda in the dumps. I know I can't just dwell on yesteryear getting frustrated, depressed and angry because we're new creatures in Christ. It would be very easy to just ignore it all so I don't feel guilty and just go on with life. Or I can come to grips with the fact that I'm just a failure, and that I need God with me all day every day. Sometimes it seems easier to just be depressed, but the longer you stay depressed, the harder it is to just hand it all over to God. Please don't take this as me trying to preach at you, trust me, I'm the last person you need preaching from! Sometimes I feel like a tractor stuck in the mud, not making any headway no mater how hard I try. I'm just trying to encourage everyone to realise with me, that life is much to short to spend kicking ourselves about the past. We need to look at the past just long enough to learn from our mistakes and then turn our face to the wind and kick it into gear. With God's help lets try to make this year a year of honoring and serving God with everything he has given us.



J.J. Biddinger said...

Wow, excellent points and post. It was really good.

Happy New Year!


Kevin Wegner said...

Very true, Ryan. Dwelling on the past will not get us anywhere, but learning from it will. Great post and Happy New Year!

Levi Bendixen said...

(A bit of encouragement for the dump days.)
God has done a lot through you Ryan! Don't ever think you haven't accomplished much spiritually. I know that you've grown in the Lord a lot. You are great to talk with about spiritual subjects and I always like to.

God bless you, Ryan!

~Jill said...

Amen & Awomen to the comments, Ryan!

And Amen to the post. Thanks for the encouragement! Sometimes spiritual growth in yourself is hard to see, except when others look at you.
Be blessed!

Leahspicstars said...

WoW! and happy new year to yo to. I really do like this post. Its amazing how our Imaginations can just fly like that. You should wright about your mission trip in Mexico, and all your adventures over there, that is Of Corse if you want to. Well, Godbless you,

Anonymous said...

Hey Ryan,
Very nice blog. I really like all the work you've been putting into keeping up with your posts and they are always very encouraging.

May your Sunday be blessed,
Maiden Princess

P.S. Check your e-mail to find out who I am :D

dotted^rose <>< said...

"sometime it seems easier to just be depressed, but teh longer you stay depressed, the harder it is to just hand it all over to God." ou know, for a while, i experienced this and you are so right. we become so comsumed in our own little pity-party sometimes that when we fiaally want to give it up, it seems more difficult than the first time. it was a great post.