Monday, February 2, 2009


Help! I don't know what to do, An epidemic has broken out. I was set on staying healthy but alas, I have been struck! Tag-a-phobia has been jumping from blog to blog and now,( sniffle) it got ME!!!

Seriously, What am I supposed to do? I was just figuring out what I was to write when I was tagged again. Now what does that mean, can I take it as me just being really special? That was what I thought at first, but then it occurred to me "maybe I was just picked twice because everyone ran out of all the interesting people". Think about it, wasn't I one of the last to get tagged? In the end I decided to stop feeling sorry for myself and just take it as it came. I AM the only one tagged twice, that's gotta count for something on the popularity list, right? So since so many of you want to hear about my extremely interesting life I will answer both questions not once but twice, FREE!!!

Oh, and here are the culprits that passed on the disease, Bethany and (did you notice the and? that means two :) Leah.

A movie I watched: Gettysburg

A moment I will always remember:
The time I was out by myself hiking along the river with just my pack and a gun. I started up the thirty foot embankment (the river was it a deep gorge) so I could walk along the rim. Just as I made the top I heard a strange flapping noise behind me. I spun around just in time to see a bald eagle soaring on the same plane as me just above the river. That was one time I find hard to explain how I felt.

A new skill I acquired: Well I wouldn't say I exactly acquired it yet, but I am acquiring the skill of welding. My neighbor is certifying me as a structural welder. I go over every day and weld for an hour.

A lesson I learned:
The virtue of silence(or trying to learn :)

A new place I visited this year:
4-H Fair

A book I read:
Do hard things
was a book that changed my outlook on the teen years. Very good book that I think every modern day teen should read.

An inspiring verse or quote:
Life is ten percent what happens to you and ninety percent what you make of it.

And again...

A movie I watched: Iron Will

A moment I will always remember:
I was at the 4-H fair for the first time and just trying to learn how things worked, trying to stay in the back light for my first year.
I took my foul out for a walk to let him stretch. As we got close to the show ring I got in a conversation with someone and some how Squirt got of his lead line. He immediately bolted for the open show ring gate before I could grab him. What followed was at the time one of the most embarrassing moments of my life. the ring was flooded with riders and as I ran in after Squirt the announcer kept yelling dismount, horse loose, dismount. Trying to look like a tough cowboy is very hard to do while running after a baby mule in a show.

A new skill I acquired: Roping

A lesson I learned: Sometimes the older I get the darker the world seems, But that just makes the light shine brighter.

A new place I visited this year: my first pawn shop(really cool)

A book I read: Hostage Lands

An inspiring verse or quote: If you don't take chances you can't expect victories.

Here are the rules:(or at least this is what everyone keeps on saying)
1. Fill in your memories of 2008.
2. Link my blog to yours.
3. Tag others and comment on their blog so they know they've been tagged