Monday, January 12, 2009

I can't think of a good title...

I was walking through a thrift store the other day looking for a coat. As I meandered around rack after rack of clothes a little girl caught my attention. She was circling the racks one by one, walking down the isles. But what I noticed was the expression on her face, she was looking for something. There was a sense of urgency in the way she was searching. As I watched, the urgency turned to panic as she raced around looking, searching, trying to find whatever or whoever it was she had lost. I realized she must be searching for her mom, but what this little girl didn't know was her mom was just a couple of racks away. I had a big advantage over the little princess, I could see over the racks. In fact most every one in the store could. She was just to short to see the big picture, if she had just asked for help. Or better yet, if she had called out for her mom she would have been "found".
I remember one time when I was little going shopping with my mom at Toys-R-Us. It wasn't to long before I was distracted by some baseball stuff(by-the-way, baseball is the coolest sport ever). And as I stood there enamored by those awesome bats and gloves, my mom got farther and farther away. It wasn't until she was half a store away that I realized she wasn't there with me anymore. Then I started thinking stuff like what if she forgets me ? If she can't find me she might just go home!
I know now that's crazy, but when you're five it seems like the end of the world. But think about it, aren't we like that sometimes? Getting distracted by things of the world and taking our sights off God. Its like driving, hasn't any one ever told you " don't look at the road right in front of the car, look at where you're going, look at the destination. If you look right in front of the car you'll be all over the place but if you keep your eyes fixed strait in front of you, you'll go strait." Don't be focused on what your trying to fix in life, zero in on christ and you will hit the mark.
The little girl had lost her mom because she got distracted by other things. When was the last time you lost your wallet whale you had it in your hand? You didn't. You don't loose things when you are paying attention to them. You loose things when you loose interest in what you are supposed to pay attention to. You pull up to a gas station, get out of your truck, put the nozzle in the tank and walk in to the station. You get your coffee and step in line. The catchier asks for your ID so you put your wallet on the counter, hand her the money and walk out. About two miles down the road you realize, Oh no I forgot my wallet! You didn't leave it because you had a sudden brain shut down. No, you forgot the wallet because you where distracted be the thought when was the last time I checked the oil? See if I would just keep are eyes on God I'd be doing great. It's when we start thinking about ourselves that we get lost. Most of the time in this rat-race that we call life I'm to short to see the big picture, so I need to ask for help. And that is why I've got YOU GUY"S :) (and girls :)



Levi Bendixen said...

I gotta' tell ya. There's some good thinkin in that head of your's. I really got to give it to you. Some important points you brought up there. And that's not the half of what could be said. You're a real trooper.

J.J. Biddinger said...

@ "When was the last time you lost your wallet whale you had it in your hand? You didn't."

Actually, I've lost things, and are searching really hard for them, only to see them in my hands or pockets. And I've seen people searching everywhere for the hats they lost, only to find it's on their head. ;) LOL

Anyways, very interesting, Ryan, it was a great post. :D

God bless, J.J.

Maiden Princess said...

Very Good Again! I'm impressed.... but you still need to post about your trip to Mexico. And that new picture you were talking about ????? HMMMMM... ok, well at least you posted. Thanks for the encouragement. You kept it simple but brought out some needed reminders.

Your Sister in Christ,
Maiden Princess

Courtney said...

Wow! Great thoughts!

In Him,

Ps- I found your blog through JJ... I think.

dotted^rose <>< said...

gotta give it to ya! that was one great post! the "keeping ours eyes on God" thing was great!

Maiden Princess said...

Wow Ryan! Who ever said you weren't popular ?? :D

Have a blessed night,
Maiden Princess

Maiden Princess said...

Ok, the clock is off on this is technically 9:53pm in Michigan.

Rachel said...

Thank you for those ecouraging words Ryan. :)
Missed you Sunday:( Hope to see you this coming Sunday. And maybe we can play settlers of catan, before the finger wrestling thingy!!! ;) Well!I guess it was fun to watch, sort of! LOL!
God bless you Ryan.

Bethany said...

Wonderful post! Those words are so true, very encouraging!
God bless you.