Monday, March 28, 2011

Back from the land of the Rebels

Ahh... it has been a bit hasn't it? Well I just did a quick check of all the blogs and I ended up on "The Scribbler". I don't even remember why i have her on on my watch list, must have been through a friend or something... but she had one of the dreaded tags, I have always had a fear of tags. But nonetheless, I shall fulfill my duty. :) Not tonight though, but soon. Well I'm in Tex right now, i do feel a deep sense of guilt about basking in 80 deg knowing that everyone up north is still running around like little Eskimos. Okay, I really don't feel guilty, But I do think about you guys sometimes when I'm Putting on SUN TAN LOTION!!! :) Just got a call from my dad and he's just trying to survive without his truck in all the snow lol.(we have the truck) But its going really good so far, we just rocked out the job here in Houston in half the time we thought, and in the morning we are off to Dallas. Then Las Veges, California, Colorado, Chicago on to the capital DC, and maybe north Dakota and Virgina. I'm really not trying to rub in guys that I'm having way more fun then all you northerners, walking around in enough Stuffing to fill my mattress. Its just, *sigh* You know what I mean? Yeah... ;) Well here is a vid that i watch alot and that has really impacted me in a big way, so I'm going to throw it up and see what you all think. Please, if you watch it leave a comment, okay?? If that to much for you then just don't watch it, in fact, just don't come here anymore. I cant stand it when non of you give a little feed back. Its not like im asking for a ton here, I dont post that aften ppl, come on. ;)