Monday, March 16, 2009


1. I live in the country.
2. I love sports and hope to get good at them this summer(last year was really embarrassing)
3. I've got 14 years of experience in living.
4. I 'm a die hard hunter(another thing I hope to get good at in the years to come)
6. Me loves horses.
7. I live in my fort out in the woods
8. I love studying military strategy
9. I worked on a horse ranch for awhile
10. I think it's the stupidest thing ever to think that taking away the people's right to bare arms is going to solve anything.
11. I feel bad for Obama, he sure got himself in a mess.
12. I think if Christians are going to make a difference in this world they had better start making a difference instead of talking about it.
13. I think camping is awesome.
14. I am one of the species that view football as a war, not a sport. If I came away from a game of hard core football game without an injury I wasn't playing hard enough.
15. I play guitar(I think)
16. I have a really cool dad.
17. oh, and by-the-way my family has decided to someday become catholic just so my sisters can become nuns and never marry.
18. I love swimming as long as it's in a pond. My reasons for this is that pools are too small and lakes are way too COLD.
19. I would one day like to get dropped of out in the middle nowhere and live on my own for six months.
20. For a long time I was the oldest kid in my family but just recently I was adopted as a younger brother by some older girls.
21. I love being a younger brother :)
22. I'm still trying to be a good older brother.
23. I think MI is the coolest place to live and am trying to get all my out of state friends to move here.
24. I love wielding...
25. and carpentry
26. I was once held up in Mexico by a bunch of machine gun toting nuts.
27. I love training crazy horses.
28. I want to get a CCW when I turn 21.
29. I am so thankful for all my friends that keep me in check.
30. I go though friends like batteries, the last batch are in an insane assilem
31. I am 5' 11''(height)
32. I show in 4-H
33. I don't have a steady job but get small stuff when ever I can.
34. I really like going down somewhere and shooting off a few hundred rounds of ammo with my friends.
35. I like canoeing(a lot).
36. I weigh 165 lbs.
37. I like my coffee black(not some Starbucks mambo jumbo :)
38. I love the smell of a wood stove.
39. I really like running.
40. My favorite color is blue.
41. I love dogs.
42. God is starting to show me how bloody of a war this really is, and that only a few will survive, so God help me.
43. I am set, with Gods help, on doing what ever I can in seeing everyone of my friends endure to the end. Even if that means ruining a relationship that I highly value to save them from hell.
44. I hate sandals.
45. I NEVER where short's! EVER! PERIOD!!!!!!! I hate them with a passion!!!
46. One of my favorite songs is slow fade by Casting Crowns.
48. I really like wearing hoodies and vests.
49. I love 4-wheeling and riding dirt bikes.
50. I have blue eyes.

And I now tag Rachel Heyworth and Annick Marshall.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Love in it's purest form

It's crazy! I had just started a post when I got an email from a friend on the exact same thing!
So... I just cut and pasted it :)

I just hope she don't sue me on plagiary charges, but then again,I don't have anything worth suing for, so I think I'm safe :)

Sometimes, when we think of love,
We think of people being receiving, and sweet towards other people, all the time.
But love can seem cruel at times.
it really isn't. ( our flesh might think so)
We just don't want to categorize it as love.
Because we don't want to hear that part of it, that something could possibly be wrong with us
TRUE LOVE! Is,..... if you love someone enough to go to them on sin.
Do you care enough,
To sacrifice your friendship, to go to someone?
. Sometimes people don't like it.
They don't want to see anything wrong with them.
They might think you're being judgemental.
maybe you had no intentions on being that way. Or! on the other hand, Some people have different preferences, And think that if people! don't do things just like them, they are not as spirit filled,
THAT is judgmental! And you should go to God and repent! before you go to anyone else on sin!
Maybe its just the way it came out.
Or maybe you are being judgmental!!!!!
Or maybe, those people are just trying to direct the attention off from them selves.
So now! The focus would be taken off from them.
Because now you're judgmental! :)
It is very important to talk to God!
And make sure it is of him, that you should go to someone..
The question is... Do you LOVE a person enough to sacrifice yourself, looking bad, or being accused of being a tattle tale, or you are just.. exaggerating, straddling the line of truth, and all those other, hum dinger of excuses that people might try to use because of one thing,
(LACK OF HUMILITY!!!) true love has no limit, on how far you will go to help someone.
Listen to God he will guide you.
Anything you do, do it because it is of God! Not of man.
And though I bestow all my goods to feed the poor, and though I give my body to be burned, and have not LOVE I am nothing.
Love suffereth long, and is kind, love envieth not, Love vaunteth not itself, is not puffed up. Rejoice not! in iniquity, but rejoiceth in the truth!! Beareth all things, believeth all things, hopeth all things endureth all things.
We need to put our focus on Jesus Christ, at all times, who has unconditional for all of us undeserving people! We need to strive to be like Christ. :)

Charity and Rachel Heyworth