Sunday, December 28, 2008


We went to the Heyworths today, had a lot of fun(if It hadn't been for getting totally creamed in Foosball it would have been a BLAST)but it was a great time anyway.
I was reading some articles the other day(for the third time)by Bret Harris on chivalry. I highly recommend(for what that's worth) that everybody read them, guy's and girl's. Bret hits the nail on the head on a lot of things. Here it is(I'm still trying to figure out how to turn that thing into a link :)


Hannahbanana said...

Oh... Ryan! I will show some chivalry to you next time, and let you win A! game. ;) LOL!

Rachel said...

Hi Ryan!
Ok! here is how you do the link thing!
Go to dashboard, then go to layout,click add a gadget, scroll down to link list. You should be able to handle it from there on!
Ok... I will stop bossing you around now!
It was fun though, I must say! LOL!

Kevin Wegner said...

Hey Ryan, I made a post on how to add a link directly to your post. CLICK HERE