Sunday, July 17, 2011

Life is a Good Thing

Alright, we are back online so-to-speak. My life is crazier then ever now, and always speeding up so that i never have a chance to settle down. But that is what I hoped would happen so we're all good. I came down here to MO with my fam to start work on the house and in the first three days down here we broke ground, bought an SUV, if all that wasn't enough got a call to go to TX for a job.

So we took off down to TX, worked for three days and now I'm back in MO.

So here are some pics to show you whats up.

This is the land where we're building our house, crazy huh?

My newly-wedded friend Daniel had a bunch of us over the other night. It was just like old times...except we now have a couple hanging with us :)
Here are three of the girls playing apples to apples.
From the left, Whitney Martin, Emily Berky and her sister Madison (who btw will brutally murder me if she ever sees this picture, im really not sure what shes doing but she doesn't normally look like a turtle ;)

And Joe and I just chillin'


Joey said...

lookes like you are having a good time,we are going to miss your compiny it is hared to think that you are moving to mo:(


J.J. Biddinger said...

You made an entire post just to show us that last picture of you...

*rolls eyes*

I *LIKE* this post, btw.

Katie Wegner said...
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Ryan said...

I miss you too J.J. ;)... Hope too see you soon. lol


Katie Wegner said...

Nice post.
I'm also sad that your family is moving. Even though we don't see you guys a lot, it's lots of fun when we do see you. And now that you guys are moving, we'll never see you.

In Christ,

Rachel said...

My Coopers are leaving :( I'll miss you guys

J.J. Biddinger said...

I'll have to agree with Katie and Rachel - you guys befriend us all and then abandon us! How could you?!

...and that is why you must keep this blog updated, or Facebook, or something. Love ya, bro. ;)

Oh, and I laughed at "she doesn't normally look like a turtle"... you're a pretty funny guy.

Ryan said...

Well you know there's plenty of room down here for all of you... well most of you, some of you should probably just stay there. But I won't name names sooo... anyway... ;) Yeah I'll miss most of you too, but the world is a small place and we shall be back.

Joey said...

yea right(;

emily said...

Nice one Ryan... You meany! ;) Well, at least it wasn't me as a turtle... (oh and btw, WHY do you always have to get the most awkward pictures???)