Friday, June 24, 2011

Not what was intended

I have started to understand that only through time will some questions be answered and some thoughts completed. As a man(a young one anyway) of this time and place where i have been put to decide who i am, who i will become and to make the decisions that will decide to which kingdom i belong. The many many differing opinions and ideas that surround me in a thick mist weigh me down in till i am so disillusioned that I must cry out in despair... or forever be silent.

I must fight, but fight for what? To have a cause worth living for is a must but what is worth living for? Dieing unsatisfied can not be an option but what satisfies death?

At the time i write this my life is truly amazing and i have such peace, but it is when my cup overflows that i understand how completely empty my life is at times.

Its funny, I sat down to write about something so very different... something I thought was on my heart. But now i find that what I have just wrote is what was really smoldering inside.



Joey said...


J.J. Biddinger said...

Now I know what will be happening in the next stage of my life. :P

*thinks about calling Ryan again*

Maiden Princess said...

Is what you're living for worth Christ dying for? ~ Epitaph of Leonard Ravenhil

Rachel said...

Great quote maiden princess! A question we all need to ask ourselves