Thursday, February 3, 2011

Looking back

Almost two years since I wrote on here. Seems like a lifetime, and like the other day at the same time. I remember when all my friends would check there blogs a few times a day to see who had the most followers. When it seemed part of my status who was following and who was not. I subconsciously tied so much of my life up in this blog and it seemed to become a part of my identity. A place where i could be who i wanted to be and a world where i could lose myself in and hope i was making a difference.

I never would have thought i would be where i am right now two years ago. God seems to show me something new about myself every time I seem to be getting comfortable. As soon as i become proud He brings me to a new level of brokenness where i have never been before.
Every time i have needed to be humbled i have been humbled, every time i have needed a friend i have had one. When ever i have needed God to just talk to me to show me this isn't a big game I've been playing He has. Looking back i have failed miserably and squandered Gods grace and He has shown me that He is My King, and that I am His Son.


Katie Wegner said...

Nice post Ryan. We will always have a friend in him :D .

Welcome back to blogger :D ( after 2 years :P ). I know, it's so hard to post on my blog.

Maiden Princess said...

"As soon as i become proud He brings me to a new level of brokenness where i have never been before."

I understand that completely! God has been taking me to that place too. I'm finding that the depth of my brokeness, equals the depth and intesity of my desire to be near Him. I'd rather be broken and be in His presence, than whole and walking this path alone. Thanks for the encouragement! :)c

Rachel said...

I know how that feels too, He's been showing me latley more than ever!