Monday, March 16, 2009


1. I live in the country.
2. I love sports and hope to get good at them this summer(last year was really embarrassing)
3. I've got 14 years of experience in living.
4. I 'm a die hard hunter(another thing I hope to get good at in the years to come)
6. Me loves horses.
7. I live in my fort out in the woods
8. I love studying military strategy
9. I worked on a horse ranch for awhile
10. I think it's the stupidest thing ever to think that taking away the people's right to bare arms is going to solve anything.
11. I feel bad for Obama, he sure got himself in a mess.
12. I think if Christians are going to make a difference in this world they had better start making a difference instead of talking about it.
13. I think camping is awesome.
14. I am one of the species that view football as a war, not a sport. If I came away from a game of hard core football game without an injury I wasn't playing hard enough.
15. I play guitar(I think)
16. I have a really cool dad.
17. oh, and by-the-way my family has decided to someday become catholic just so my sisters can become nuns and never marry.
18. I love swimming as long as it's in a pond. My reasons for this is that pools are too small and lakes are way too COLD.
19. I would one day like to get dropped of out in the middle nowhere and live on my own for six months.
20. For a long time I was the oldest kid in my family but just recently I was adopted as a younger brother by some older girls.
21. I love being a younger brother :)
22. I'm still trying to be a good older brother.
23. I think MI is the coolest place to live and am trying to get all my out of state friends to move here.
24. I love wielding...
25. and carpentry
26. I was once held up in Mexico by a bunch of machine gun toting nuts.
27. I love training crazy horses.
28. I want to get a CCW when I turn 21.
29. I am so thankful for all my friends that keep me in check.
30. I go though friends like batteries, the last batch are in an insane assilem
31. I am 5' 11''(height)
32. I show in 4-H
33. I don't have a steady job but get small stuff when ever I can.
34. I really like going down somewhere and shooting off a few hundred rounds of ammo with my friends.
35. I like canoeing(a lot).
36. I weigh 165 lbs.
37. I like my coffee black(not some Starbucks mambo jumbo :)
38. I love the smell of a wood stove.
39. I really like running.
40. My favorite color is blue.
41. I love dogs.
42. God is starting to show me how bloody of a war this really is, and that only a few will survive, so God help me.
43. I am set, with Gods help, on doing what ever I can in seeing everyone of my friends endure to the end. Even if that means ruining a relationship that I highly value to save them from hell.
44. I hate sandals.
45. I NEVER where short's! EVER! PERIOD!!!!!!! I hate them with a passion!!!
46. One of my favorite songs is slow fade by Casting Crowns.
48. I really like wearing hoodies and vests.
49. I love 4-wheeling and riding dirt bikes.
50. I have blue eyes.

And I now tag Rachel Heyworth and Annick Marshall.


J.J. Biddinger said...

Whoa, you gave out your weight? :P

We have some differences there Ryan. :)

God bless!

Bethany said...

1. awesome!
4. totally with you there!
5. thumbs up!
8. me too!
10. yes, yes yes!
12. good thought!
13. same here!
15. I want to....hoping to buy one soon!
17. lol!
18. lakes aren't always cold! And aren't you there to cool of anyway? lol!
19. cool! I'll come with (but then you wouldn't be alone so that defeats the purpose so maybe we had better go separate)
23. yep!
42. what war?
45. same here!
46. love that song!

Enjoyed reading them!

Ryan said...

J.J. You are right, We do have a difference in this area. But to let you know I am going to try to go on a diet soon, not sure if it will help but I'll give it a try :)

Bethany, #42 I'm talking about the fight every Christian SHOULD be fighting(sadly not all of them are)

Ryan said...

hey J.J. how much do you weigh?


J.J. Biddinger said...

Oh I'm pretty fat, 200lb at least. :P

Rachel said...

That is great, Ryan!
I would never ever give out my weight though! :)
For the opposite reason of J.J's I'm sure! :)
God bless.
Looking forward to seeing all of you Sunday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)
Your BIG Sis Rachel :)

Bethany said...

okay, I kinda thought that's what you were talking about but wasn't sure.

Ryan said...

You are all so very funny, But I was joking 'bout going on a diet.

And the reason I can put my weight is 'cause (I) am not insecure!:)JK

And J.J. for pity sake pull in the tongue! Do it again on my blog and I'll delete the comment.:)

Hannahbanana said...

Good job!!
I like it!
There are you happy now!!!?
Really though I like the post! :)
I mean :P

Aj said...

See? you did it!!!!
be glad they didn't make you do 100!!! Good job Awesome Ry!

~Jill said...

Thanks for the tag :)

Josh said...

Hey Ryan,
Good to hear from you again...I always like to read these, well, quite informative tags:)
Slow Fade by Casting Crowns has a great message and is one of my favorites too.
God bless,

Maiden Princess said...

Hello Ryan,

Thanks for leaving me a comment, I really appreciate it! :D So now, I'm returning the favor. Your answer on #14 has me a little worried (the football one) I am beginning think you might be an adrealine junky!?! Anyhow, it was great talking to you too this morning you really encouraged me. :D Um I also agree that slow fade by CC is an awesome song. I also like Stain Glass Masquerade and Does Anybody Hear Her? Praise You In This Storm is also a great one! Have you heard any tenth avenue north? They have some really good songs. Um, that's about all for now...I'm really tired...who knew sitting all day could do that to you LOL

Your Sister in Christ,
Maiden Princess

Ryan Wegner said...

Come on Ryan. Shorts are awesome.

Ryan said...

dude, your wrong. sorry to burst your bubble but shorts are awful, absolutely awful. I could go on for ten minuets on how simply horrid they are and how pants are better in every way.

If you want to hear the truth ask and it will be revealed.

Your bro Ryan

~Jill said...

dude! Sweet header! Love the spoon, reminds me of my nick name Spoonhead... ;)

Andrew Biddinger said...

Hahahah...Ryan. I love the spoon!

You are so funny!

Rachel said...

Um... Not to be bossy or anything,
BUT! you really need to update! :)
this one is dated march 16th, in case you havn't noticed, we are now in April! :)
Just a thought!
see ya around bro/friend

Rachel said...

Ehem... MAY!!!!! :)